Hopeless lack of blogging recently – I’m afraid the house clearance project has been taking priority in preparation for mid – January. I think we’re making quite good progress overall. A HUGE amount has left the house and the house is starting to feel a lot more organised and copeable-with. The shop front , which was due to happen beginning of November ,has been delayed until 2nd week of January, and the decorator has had to delay until, well ” how about middle of January suit you Mrs Pearson?” . Let’s hope this baby also manages to run behind schedule!

Anyway. I took the boys down to Notcutts yesterday to buy a Christmas tree (50% reduced now). It didn’t look too big when she showed it to me but it fitted into the Prairie with literally only an inch to spare and, sitting on the floor, clears our ceiling by 1″. Close. Matt got up with the boys to decorate it this morning before he went to work. I had a midwife visit this morning, and ,by the time I came back from the kitchen with her, Bee and Mip, for some reason (?!) had undecorated it again. So Matt got to do it all over again with them this evening!

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