Bee’s Fifth Birthday

Sunday afternoon we took the children down to Monk’s Wood for a walk. As we walked along, Bee was busy chatting about all the plans we needed to make for his party. I had only just twigged that it was his birthday this week and certainly hadn’t got as far as planning for it. So, we came back and sent out some hasty invites. In th end, due to illness and other commitments only two of his friends were able to com, but actually, I think, that was much more cope-able for him than a bigger party would have been.

Matt took the day off. We had hidden a few presents for him to find in our bedroom (we gave him a scooter), then after breakfast Matt settled down with the boys to play a new animal matching game, which Bee had been given and to read a few books that had arrived. They enjoyed this a lot. We had an early lunch and then M took the boys out to the park to practice on the new scooter, while I put the birthday tea together. Then J and Sam arrived and the boys spent a very happy afternoon playing with the new Playmobil and various things in the cellar. They had a small ‘treasure hunt’ for mini-chocolates in the cellar too.

Bee has had a lovely day and really enjoyed his party. I accidentally put re-lighting candles on the cake, which sent Bee into fits of giggles. There was a lot of laughter from all of the boys as they played together throughout the afternoon.

IMG_0644.JPG IMG_0642.JPG

At the end of the day we settled down to watch the first episode of the Muppets (from the first season of the original Muppet Show). This looked a bit dated and had a ‘guest star’ who was totally unknown to us, but was very funny and the boys enjoyed quite a bit of the humour. The pictures show Bee and Mip still playing with the Playmobil at the end of the day.

Below are a few more photos, one is of Bee’s railway track that he made and insisted I took a photo of it.

IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0639.JPG

Lastly some photos of a ‘picnic’ tea we had in the living room. It kind of sums up how attentive the boys are to eating when it is not at the table. Having said that they can be quite in-attentive to eating when at the table too…

IMG_0638.JPG IMG_0637.JPG

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