is nearly 18 months now, and I always love this stage. He is almost always happy – the only grizzles come when he is hungry. He does get very hungry and eats lots but still isn’t managing to put on much weight. Too busy I suppose. He can climb almost anything at a playground. He has lots of words although mostly he will just copy whatever is being said, rather than initiating the word. Current favourites are playdough,train, cat, swing, climb, lunch, lego, drink, slide, empty, up, down, oh dear, thank you, and then lots of baby rambling. A possible attempt at “Daddy” the other day, but no sign of “Mummy” yet. He has slept more or less through once, otherwise he still wakes up maybe 3 times a night. He likes playing with Duplo and Lego and trains ( there’s a suprise!) and with 2 older brothers around I almost never need to entertain him. He is quite resistant to “no” and learning not to play with the oven or switch the computr off when I’m using it (grrrr) are still lessons in progress. I love watching him wake up. A long stretch, a slightly groggy look, and then suddenly he’s up and crawling around the bed with a big grin. Something he very definitely doesn’t get from me! He still has a midday sleep. Favourite foods are baked beans (with chopped tomatoes, garlic and cheese stirred in), spaghetti bolognese, porridge, bananas , yoghurt,raisins,chewy bars, and, probably top of the list, corn on the cob. His eyes are green now, with just a dark blue edge left. I think he’s the one most likely to inherit Matt’s colouring, but time will tell…. Bee loves to play with him, and also to pick him up ,which I try and discourage as it looks so precarious. He hasn’t dropped him yet so I should probably leave them to it. He seems to get lots of bumps as he’s always climbing. He’s our only baby though not to have fallen out of his high chair! His favourite game with me is to flap his arms while I say ” flap, flap, flap” and then to wave both hands together while I say ” wave, wave, wave”, then back to flapping etc etc etc. He also loves it when we all hold hands to say grace at mealtimes. He looks around the table at eveyone and his smile grows and grows.

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