Disturbed Nights


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It was a bit of a weekend. Saturday night we had just settled down to sleep when we heard lots of barking, shouting and screaming outside so Matt quickly got up and went off to investigate. He came back an hour or so later – our friend M across the road had been bitten by their neighbour’s dog ( a pitbull?). His wife E was hysterical, the police were called but very dismissive, and eventually a paramedic took M off to hospital to be attended to.
Then on Sunday night we had a group of hysterical teenagers outside, which ended up with 3 police cars coming out and an arrest.
Today the police have been around most of the day again. M and E complained about the way things were handled Saturday night, so they’ve been back interviewing all day. Which is good – I couldn’t quite see how it could have been M’s fault that he was bitten by a dog on his own property with the owner present and obviously not in control of the dog!

Generally it’s a pretty quiet area, but every now and then it has its moments………..

Matt picked up some magnetic letters and boards over the weekend so the boys have been making up lots of words and then bringing them to us to attempt to pronounce them.

Can’t think what specifically the boys have been reading. Matt and I are reading a chapter of ” The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” each night, having just watched the Narnia film (which we enjoyed but it was a bit Disneyfied in places).

The “evening tidy up” is becoming a little easier. Perhaps they’re getting the hang of it? (ok, maybe I’m being overly hopeful!!!)

We’ve had friends over one morning this week and made two trips into town and one trip to Tesco’s, but aside from that the boys have played and I have read a bit. Listening to the news over tea tonight there was a piece by some education man ( didn’t hear who) saying we need to start debating the question of whether it would be better to do as so many other countries do and extend “nursery” education and not start formal education until they are 7. Pointed out that this is more successful than our current system. Matt heard something similar a month or so ago, so pehaps some questions will start to be asked on what the current system is doing .

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