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Photo taken a few weeks ago – I think it was being a boat.

Today started with library story time and then J and her two came back to our’s to play. Lots of h.e. talk – she is gradually working through my collection of h.e. books and we have a fairly similar view on parenting generally.

After lunch and rest times JJ stayed asleep so we did a bit of reading,played snap, painted (tried to do some colour mixing but as we had run out of yellow we were stuck with making purple and brown) and then Bee and I played snakes and ladders while Mip sloshed around in the sink ( making wine,apparently) .

Later Matt took them all over to the park when it had cooled a little and then Bee and Mip flopped to bed. Unfortunately after JJ’s 3 hour sleep this afternoon he is now wide awake. Unfortunate because we were hoping to start watching the Narnia film which I secreted out of the library this morning – secreted from the boys, that is, not the library lady……

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