Well, it seems we are staying with our old blog, but an updated version. My new plan was to post a photo every day by blogging via Flickr (we haven’t really worked out how to post photos properly yet) but this new version doesn’t seem to have Flickr on it. Must point this out to Matt later when he’s in for an evening…..

So no photo today. And nothing exciting to blog either. The days are all quite similar at the moment. Still too hot to be out. We’re having a bit of a focus on teaching the boys to tidy up . Bee is quite good at it now ( have I already blogged this? ) but Mip is terrible! He just can’t stop playing with whatever he is meant to be putting away. It’s being a very stressful process!

I weighed the boys last night. Bee and Mip weigh the same now. JJ seemed to be eating more so I was hopeful for a jump up on his chart, but he actually weighs less than he did 6 weeks ago and has dropped from the 25th centile to the 9th! What happened to my 10 lb baby?!! However he has discovered drinking from a cup suddenly (encouraged by a particularly delicious smoothie) .So that’s good news for some eventual weaning.

In the absence of noteworthy h.e. moments in our day, I should probably go and attempt some cleaning. I’ve been doing an absolute bare minimum in this heat, and it shows….

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