catching up

Such a long pause! Partly due to a complete absence of energy on my part, and partly to Matt’s busyness finding plasterers, decorators, chippies, putting in planning applications, wiring up the cellar,buying a new washing machine,taking things to the tip and charity shop …….

Had a scan last week. Went in 15 weeks and came out 12! So still a few weeks of tiredness to go.Revised date is now 15 January – probably more sensible than Christmas.

So, with me flopping around for the last month the boys have done very little. We’ve probably done an hour’s reading most days (we’re on “On the Banks of Plum Creek” now), and they do something from the ” art and craft” category every day – even if it’s only chalk pictures on the patio -which they initiate themselves. Mip is drawing very complex designs, and Bee is still drawing lots of letters. With the weather so warm they spend lots of the day in the garden, and indoors lots of Lego building goes on. JJ continues to climb everything and loves turning round and round until he gets dizzy and falls over. Fortunately they are at a very easy stage and keep themselves busy for as many hours as left……..!!! But I’m looking forward to a return of some energy and getting us all out and about a bit more.

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