String is everywhere atm. B keeps finding pieces of it and tying his toys to himself, or tying chairs together, or doors, and if he can’t find enough he starts taking shoelaces out of shoes. It’s cute and frustrating together!

My favourite B question from teatime today was ” Is the air still outside?” followed by “and will it still be outside at night-time?”

Colourstrings this morning,followed by the sandpit at Central Park, and then this afternoon we read, made scones and played outside. Had meant to be more pro-active and get them out on the bike to see a swan’s nest by the river, but felt hopelessly lethargic all day. Tried several cups of coffee and ended up feeling lethargic and tense!!

4 thoughts on “String”

  1. Amazing what you can do with string these days and it could keep you so occupied.


  2. Do you mean it keeps B occupied tying up the string, or it keeps us occupied in the evening untying it?!

  3. J used to tie all the dining chairs together with string . Sort of like having a spiders web connecting everything. (He was somewhat older than B.) For the sake of your sanity, I hope B. does not progress to this.

  4. I (M) remember untying them. It is incredible the knots that children can come up with. B has already started to make quite complex ones. We are trying to implement a policy of no playing with string, but it is often too late before we notice.

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