More cake?

This morning M took the boys to their Colourstrings class and then took them over to Central Park. And then ‘because we are on holiday’ he felt justified in buying more cakes from the cafe!! (They were very nice – M). I was busy at home doing the cleaning so I missed out on this (I was going to bring one back, but the weather was so hot they would have melted – M). However it was nice to be in the house on my own. Made me think about what it would be like to have the boys go off to school every morning, while I spent the day cleaning, baking, shopping organising… Quite tempting really. Matt then spent the rest of the day going backwards and forwards to the planning department with plans for the shop front. A visiting friend from Nigeria brought her children over to play this afternoon. They all had a nice time in the re-vamped garden.

This evening M went off to do a painting stint at the new church building (we had a tour around the whole place, even up to the second floor and out onto the roof/balcony. We stood where the back of the auditorium will be and looked down across the huge room. Even went up to where the walkways are that go across the auditorium – I pointed these out to B on Sunday and he quite liked the idea of being up there one day to ‘sort out’ lighting and technical stuff!) and I had a nice evening talking babies to a friend who is 18 weeks pregnant. Feeling quite broody…

I think Iz is really enjoying having some extra time with M. He seems to be doing a lot more singing and chatting this week. B’s focus at the moment is time. He keeps wanting to know when it will be 6 o’clock or what will we do at 3 o’clock etc.

This afternoon the visiting 4 year-old girl chalked the numbers 1 through to 9 on our patio. Things like that are always a bit confidence shaking. We do believe in not pushing our children at this age, but it is hard sometimes when you see what other children are achieving. Although I think the hardest thing is learning not to get stressed by what other people are thinking of you and homeschooling.

When we had the conversation with B on Sunday about being able to do the lighting when he is older he added ‘yes and I’ll be able to read and do the hoovering’!

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