Hamerton Zoo

Today we decided to visit Hamerton Zoo. It is only 20 Min’s down the A1 but we had never visited. It specialises in bringing very rare ( close to extinction) animals into captivity to breed them. It is smallish, but kept us going all day, and has a good play area too. Having started the week looking at lots of stuffed animals, we thought it would be good to finish with some live specimens!
Anyway, we saw tigers, wolves, cheetahs, wallabies, pygmy goats (Matt has a bruise from a particularly insistent one!), owls, gibbons, snakes, iguanas, scarlet ibis (the most amazing colour – almost fluorescent red), parrots, tortoises, and lots of things I have never heard of and can’t remember now. Photos to follow when Matt is available. (Our phones aren’t working properly and he is down in the cellar trying to fix them)

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