Hamerton Zoo


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There are quite a few photos on Flickr of our trip to the zoo. Please click on this one to go to the flickr site. On flickr you should see a box next to this photo that says it is also a part of the ‘May 06’ set. In that box there is a link you can click on to get a slideshow of all the photos in the set (i.e. all the ones from this month) – great huh!

Anyway… A few more highlights from the day:

M and B racing skate buggy things and B winning quite a lot (was M just being generous?).

Iz wandering around the maze, which he seemed to like a lot. Iz enjoyed watching the animals and did so very intently.

Little J totally fearless, reaching out to touch the claws of an owl.

Iz so intent on looking at some animals in a glass tank, that he didn’t notice he was standing a few inches away from a very large owl.

Iz sitting on a long rocking thing in the playground (it worked like the long rocking horses that used to be in playgrounds) facing the other way to everyone else.

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