Cambridge in the rain

Matt decided he needed a computer book urgently – today, which could only be got from Cambridge. So after a stint in the garden we packed up a quick lunch and headed off to Lammas land. It started raining as soon as we arrived so we picnicked in the car. Then we had a nice walk through Cambridge to Heffers, found a book and walked back via the Fitzwilliam museum. This wasn’t as exciting as we thought it might be although the revolving doors were very popular and caused an elderly museum lady to come rushing over in great consternation and ‘rescue’ Iz (Mip).

The armoury was very popular, but Egypt was closed in preparation for a special exhibition that opens next week. The rest of the museum is paintings, pottery and general artifacts. So after we had gone through several galleries we walked back to the car park in the rain. It was nice to have been in Cambridge though. Nice to watch the punts, walk past grazing cows in the middle of a city, walk through streets and not see a single replacement uPVC window marring a beautiful old building… Felt quite nostalgic.

Bee announced today at teatime ‘I know about everything now’. That should make Home Education much easier. It’s amazing what a trip to a few museums can do!

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