library fines

Oh dear. Matt took some books back to the library for me while I was ill and discovered I have managed to accumulate $18 of fines!!! Good job I’ve stopped having a cleaner! I think I should just buy the books – it has to be cheaper than borrowing them. Frustrating too, because I can renew them in a few seconds on line, or walk up to the library which is all of 1 minute up the road……… He was very gracious though and didn’t cut my library tickets up. I have heard though that in some areas libraries give home educators the same benefits as teachers, which can include much longer loan periods and , crucially, no fines. Has to be worth investigating…..

At the end of last week, with the usual sense of tiredness and discouragement that comes from being ill with small children and so having to stay home and not see anyone , I began to wonder whether I really was up for doing this home education thing. And then it suddenly occurred to me that it’s TOO LATE NOW! Well, not too late maybe if we wanted B to go to the school round the corner – which we certainly don’t – but too late now for our original plan of moving out to a village school catchment area. Surprised also to realize that we haven’t had any forms through requesting that we apply for a school place . Fortunately feel full of renewed HE enthusiasm now that I feel better again.

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