Bicycling at last

We finally managed to get J happily on my bicycle. We cycled down to the station to watch the steam train arrive and then along the river to a local shop. And home again. So relieved that we have managed to persuade J to do be happy on the bike. Now that the better weather is here we can do lots of buggy biking.

Apart from that we did bits of gardening this morning, but as always only got half-way through our list of plans for the day.

J is at that lovely stage of playing happily by himself for long periods of time and giggling at everything. So cute!

B is still full of questions.

We have had a fairly productive week this week. Have been making an effort to make sure we do more reading in the mornings, because that had slipped a bit and then doing something with B and Iz while J sleeps. So doing (for example) a board game or a puzzle (the kind of thing we can’t do when J is around). Also, had a productive week on the domestic front and totally cleared the ironing basket. Have washed (almost) everything that was piled up waiting for the washing machine. So I (Justine) feel very virtuous! We have been out and about more this week aswell. Have visited Ferry Meadows twice and Central Park.

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