A week of colds

This week has passed in a blur. Isaac, Joel and I have all had very horrid colds so we have done nothing at all. Isaac has been so tired and most days has fallen asleep on the sofa or at the table, but has been awake lots at night with coughing. He got through today without sleeping, so maybe he’s getting better. Probably something to do with the excitement of Jon coming to stay.

On the way to the station to collect him Benjie asked if Jon would still be here on Sunday. When I said that he would he said that it was going to be Elaine’s ( a doll) birthday on Sunday and Jon could come to the party and where his birthday clothes. Not sure it’s really quite warm enough yet……….

I have been reading a home school book Matt found in the cellar over the weekend by the Moore’s, who have been researching the negative effects of early formal education for 50 or so years. Another challenging read. Has made us wonder about Coloustrings. I want to quote a paragraph here but not sure if it breaches copyright? Will ask Matt when he is around. ( Which won’t be much as it is set up for the Easter Guest service for the next few days) Anyway, the book was an interesting read partly because all the Christians I know are using very structured curricula and start early, and all the non- Christian approaches are either much more relaxed or totally child-led. Charlotte Mason has been the best in between method I’ve come across but the Moore’s (who are Christians) go further and recommend leaving the start of formal education until 8 or 10 instead of 6.

There is so much to think about on this. Why didn’t I start to think all this through before we had children?!

The french teacher we know has agreed to come and hold french lessons in our cellar from September and enough people have responded to make it viable. Earlier in the week the boys were watching their french video while I made tea. (illness makes an exception of the only-at weekends rule!) I crept through and Benjie was saying the french words as they came up. But it was funny because his pronunciation was a bit wobbly, whereas his English is very clear and in contrast Isaac, who isn’t always too clear in English, repeats french words perfectly!

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  1. Learn to trust your own judgment on this darling. I am sure you pray about decisions before you make them and seek guidance – so trust it when it comes. Only you and God know what is best for your own family and children out of all the possible options open to you.

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