Parties and Puzzles

We had a nice day today. Saturdays are always nice when we don’t do any house projects. This morning was the NCT sale, which I went to while M looked after the boys. Came back with assorted bargain clothes for the boys and a very complicated looking jigsaw puzzle of the space shuttle and hubble telescope. Explained to Matt that it would be a few years before B would be ready to attempt this, so put it away on a shelf. M removed it and took it off to the kitchen and after two hours of work, it was finally done. (See photos – click the flickr banner on the right of the page.)

This afternoon we all went to Sam’s 5th birthday party. They had hired a village hall and a ‘reptile experience’. A couple who rescue reptiles had brought along with them a large tarantula, three snakes (the longest was about 15 foot), a chameleon, a blue-tongued skink and a tortoise. All of these were available for the children to touch, except the tarantula. Apparently he was very fragile, so only Sam got to hold him. Most of the children were happy to touch them and nobody seemed to be particularly alarmed. I was surprised that, after initial feelings of panic in myself when the tarantula and ridiculously long snake appeared, I was able to come back and look at them relatively calmly! Anyway it made for a fascinating birthday party and we all enjoyed it very much.

What else? Benjy and Isey moved from pretending to be Alfie and Annie-Rose all the time to pretending to be Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. Benjy is constantly asking about words and letters and trying to write them. Although he was very insistent the other day when I was showing how to write a ‘P’ that I was doing it wrong!

Isaac has been very difficult this week. He seems to always be doing things he shouldn’t be doing and not responding when called etc. In fact the main part of my week has been trying not to be constantly negative towards him. Some days I seem to spend all day saying ‘Isaac I said no…’, ‘Isaac you are not listening…’, ‘If you do that again…’, etc. He seems to be potty trained – it didn’t really require any effort on our part.

At intervals over the last few years I had mentioned that having a cat would be nice. It has always met with mutterings about allergies and general disinterest. Now B has mentioned the idea and suddenly we are ‘looking into it’. I think there is a certain amount of favouritism in our house (actually it is just that my thinking has had to go along a journey – M).

We are also looking into how to progress the shop room and the cellar and thinking about how they could be used for Home-Schooling purposes. They are probably of a size to be able to get a group of about ten children or so together, so I have been thinking that we could (for example) find a french teacher and share the cost between several families. Also could get several families together for science or art projects. Ideas to ponder over…

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