I wandered through to the kitchen this morning to see what B was up to and discovered him with pencil and chalks writing out Bs, back to front, but B never the less. He is spending a lot of time at the moment at the table drawing pictures. painting, etc., probably several hours a day. It is nice to see his pictures becoming recognisable and an interest in writing developing.

Conversations are developing too and we discuss lots of topics as we go through the day. I can see at the moment how the John Holt style of autonomous learning can work. B is just interested in so many things,and one subject leads to another……….

He’s full of plans too. Most mornings begin with ” Mummy, I was thinking we could go to the seaside today” (in February!) or “Mummy, I was thinking we could go up in a hot air balloon today”

He keeps making comments about having a kitten, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea. He is so sensitive – he would be devastated if it were to get run over .

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