2006 goals

Slightly late, but here are the plans made on New Year’s Eve.

1. On the house…. plaster and paint the hall, stairs, landing.
do the shop front and room
finish all the unfinished bits from last year’s projects!

2.Matt and I……….. Establish an evening “reading together time” ( currently biographies on John Newton, William Wilberforce and Charles Simeon)
keep up with our exercise charts

3. Matt………………. make time to play trumpet and piano

4. Children………… grow frogs
grow vegetables
visit Peterborough cathedral and museum
visit science and natural history museums
fortnightly swimming
devlop french and music input
start cycling everywhere local
try camping again
start recording in our nature notebooks

5. In the kitchen…. Put in to practice the ideas from “Nourishing Traditions”eg
source raw milk
Bread ,yoghurt and stock making
soaking flour, sprouting seeds
eliminate hydrogenated vegetable oil
further sugar reduction
increase fruit and salad consumtion

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