Feeding Joel

I (Matt), must add to Justine’s post below. It has been incredibly hard to get food into Joel. When I get home one an evening Justine tells me how she got one or two teaspoons into him. Then I feed him for tea time and it is a struggle with every mouthful. I eventually worked out various things that would give me a good opportunity to get the spoon in. There was the jump in quickly whenever he had a bite of bread, or jump in quickly when he put a toy in his mouth. However these were interspersed with try to jump in quickly and only end up with tightly closed lips. He seems to like drinking water from a baby cup, so I developed the jump in quickly just before the cup went in his mouth.

However I kept ending up a bit concerned that this ‘force feeding’ approach might not lead him to be positive about food. I am so relieved that he is eating better. Let’s hope it caries on! Having said all this, I’m sure it isn’t an uncommon story (“There is nothing new under the Sun.”).

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  1. Have read blog and, quite honestly my darlings, I am so impressed I cant make any comments! Anything I might say sounds so old fashioned and out of date. Your whole approach is just so way ahead of anything I have ever thought let alone considered! The children are a real credit to you and so good. Just keep calm and keep following your instincts but try not to worry so much – very few babies starve voluntarily! Just like very few children grow to adulthood sucking their thumbs (even I managed not to do this after I got engaged!) or still wet the bed by the time they go to University – they get there in the end but at their own pace.

    Meanwhile lots of blessings and love to you all.

    Jay has finally, to my great sadness, succumbed to depression again but is going to sign on with the local GP to get some help. Job applications are coming in and odd bits and pieces of gardening etc. Prayers please. Also for William Ford in a similar position as are so many of the young men from church families in the village – Ben Panty, Philp Batts and many others. Also, you remember hearing tell of Pats friend Jan who had a daughter Alison the same week as you were born who then went on to have three boys more or less at the same time as you? Well, Jan sadly died last week – cancer. Very tragic. So prayers for that family, too please. Pat is very upset about this. The first of her girl friends to die. Jan “found the Lord” (her words at the time) many years ago, I think at a Billy Graham rally.

    Granny had her caract operation on Thursday. I took her back on Friday to have the dressing off and it looks OK. We have to go again next week as there is a little scratch on the lens but that should be OK. She still can’t see anything much but it will take time to settle down and she will have to have some new glasses as well after a few weeks. Saw Brian and Pat on Thursday for lunch whilst Granny was haveing the op and then again last night at Wivenhoe. B says he had no sight in his operated on eye until he got the new glasses either but it is good now, so there is still hope.

    Lovely evening yesterday – PB&I went to an evening of John Betjeman readings interspersed with songs by Noel Coward and Joyce Grenfell – so delightful. Lovely evening. Tonight Jay and I are going to a concert in Brightlingsea with Martin Plackett (his old guitar teacher) and also a girl playing the mandolin. So that should be lovely. I am off to start the spring dig at allotment soon so must get dressed.

    Jay not able to come to museum as it is a tuesday and he will probably be working. Sad.

    I think R is considering moving out again, but he hasn’t made up his mind. It is hard for him – he likes his room and he knows he is well looked after but there is too much going on! Too many people coming and going and the phone ringing etc. Family life just isn’t his thing! Unfortunatly (for him) I’m just not the sort of person who can sit around growing old and doing nothing in the meanwhile!

    As they say, watch this space!

    Much love to you all,

    Mummy XXX

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