Granny’s decorating

This morning Matt and Mr. P. both thought that there was a work party happening at the Thorpe Hall railway, so Matt and Benjamin both went off. There wasn’t, so they came back and made soup and then, on discovering Granny was having a decorating emergency ,decided to drive to Colchester and help out . Isaac was sad to be left behind – he kept going to the door and looking out and saying ” Benjum wanted Isaac and Benjum and Daddy to go….”
But we walked to the local park and had a peaceful afternoon and Matt and Benjie are due home soon. Benjie was very keen to stay over, but no need as the decorating got finished.

I had expected that once Joel was crawling it would get difficult with him breaking up the railway tracks etc, but he only seems to take out one piece to play with, which the boys can easily put back, so they don’t really seem to mind him. Joel so obviously loves playing alongside them. He’s chatting away – lots of ” da da da” ” ma ma ma” and “na na na “. Also pulling himself up to standing lots on the furniture but mostly falling over again and getting a bump.

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