The last few days

Time for a quick catch-up…….

Sunday we went to Cambridge. We went to our old church and then went and had lunch with some friends and their 1 year old. A picnic was planned but it was too wet, so we just went for a nostalgic walk along the river and showed Benjie and Isaac where I used to live. Lots of boats racing on the river, and Benjamin asking questions about everything. Usually such a visit would set me into “I want to go back to Cambridge” mode, but this time it was Matt who was feeling it more while I was hoping that we would be staying in Peterborough. We’ve put so much effort into the house and we would swap all that lovely space for something much smaller if we went back. And , once you have searched them out, Peterborough has some good things and places for children. Some real pluses of Cambridge would be closer proximity to Grandparents and a bigger Homeschooling scene. Three of our homeschool friends here are planning on moving over the next couple of years.

Monday we went to Central Park, Tuesday was library story time and then Happy Faces. Tuesday lunchtime I was putting Joel to bed upstairs when I suddenly heard Isaac crying downstairs. He had wanted to reach something on the mantelpiece and had tried to climb onto his stool which he had balanced on a drum! Then, from what I could make out from Benjamin, having fallen off and given his chin a nasty graze, he ran blindly to find me, tangled himself with the laundry basket, and hit a wall. Bruising the other side of his face. Poor Isaac.

Today we took Matt’s car back to the garage for a new radiator, and then in the afternoon went to Ferry Meadows. It was so lovely there. Joel had his sitting up toddler seat in his pram for the first time and had his first go on a swing. He’s also been sitting up in his high chair. So time to get the bikes out! He’s also just cut another tooth. Benjamin managed to climb various things at the park for the first time, so he was very pleased with himself. When I see them playing like they were this afternoon at Ferry Meadows I can see why Charlotte Mason wanted children outside for 4 – 6 hours a day, and why she was in favour of delaying academics in favour of some “quiet growing time” .

We finished the day with Isaac falling downstairs. Lots of tears, but no bruises this time.

A new Colourstrings teacher has been appointed so we can resume classes next week. Very pleased about that. They will be on a Wednesday rather than a Saturday this time, which is better I think. Although it was nice for Matt to be able to take them it is nice to have a more freed up weekend.

Lots of pictures to follow when Matt has time to put them up.

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