Hello Tim and Mark

Glad to see you’re still here! How is secondary school going Mark?

The weather forecast looked good so I decided we would go out for a picnic just in case it was our last warm day of the year. We went up to Burghley park at Stamford. The boys brought their bicycles and we walked/cycled for the morning while being much distracted by fork lift trucks and tractors still clearing up from the horse trials a few weekends ago. We watched the deer and had a lovely moment when one came up and stood very close to us . We looked straight into his eyes and I told Benjamin and Isaac a poem I had learned when I was little about a deer
….Beautiful, brown and unafraid those eyes returned my stare
and something with neither sound nor name passed between us there…..

It wasn’t exactly word perfect, but I can still remember most of it, although I’m missing a line at the end. Benjamin then announced he had done a poo, so we returned to the less romantic side of life and hastened to a large oak tree to hide behind while we dealt with it!

No need to bring any leaves home for identification today – their trees all come fully labelled in English and Latin. I did note a row of sweet chestnuts which looked promising for later in the autumn, assuming Lady Victoria Leatham doesn’t object to scavenging in her park. I didn’t see any notices prohibiting it anyway.

We had our picnic, but skipped the sculpture gardens as they were charging for admission and I had no money with me. We must have gone out of season last time, because it was free when we visited before.

We came home via the Hills and Holes at Barnack which we hadn’t been to before. It is an old stone quarry from Roman times and provided the stone for Peterborough and Ely cathedrals. It is all grassed over now and is a nature reserve and very good for children to explore. Lots of little tracks to follow going up and down the “hills”.

Isaac is getting the idea of tree identification. We had tea outside under our walnut tree and he pointed up and announced that it was an oak tree.
More photos, but Matt is out tonight and the tax returns are still unfinished….

4 thoughts on “Hello Tim and Mark”

  1. What was your injury? How did you get it?

    Has Mum been doing anything with looking at Pharmacy things?


  2. I am working 16 hours a week at Lewisham hospital pharmacy as a voluntary pharmacy assistant-basically dispensing medicines. I intend doing this until nearly Christmas. Not sure what to do after that. The idea is to familiarise myself with medicines and to decide whether I can see myself getting back to being a pharmacist. Shame I dont get paid at the moment. Mum

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