A funny sort of day. We pottered through the morning without achieving much. Matt cut the grass before the rain set in in case it was our last chance and then he looked at Egypt using the NASA WorldWind program in preparation for MuddlePuddle in the afternoon.

Lots of people at MP and lots of activities. We made 2 sorts of pyramids and a camel but ran out of time for hieroglyphics , clay scarab beetles, or construction of the Nile. The boys had a lovely time playing with a wooden pyramid someone had brought and Joel was looked after lots by friends which made it easier.

Then home. Matt was busy with work, I was tired and so was Isaac and so we didn’t do very well for the rest of the afternoon. Very discouraging. I so need to be more patient with him….

2 thoughts on “Egypt”

  1. You already are SO patient! Testing the patience of parents beyond endurance is what children do – it is their strategy for survival. Dont let them fool you into thinking you are failing! If they do – you have!!

    I shall look forward to seeing the pictures later and thanks for the stuff about the chap in Gosfield – I thnk Jay will find that interesting.

    A post card of St Omer is on its way – lovely little town – about the same size as Colchester but SO CLEAN!

    Nice hotel – didn’t sleep very well as R fell out of bed twice and has a very black face now where he hit himself on the floor and beld all over the carpet. Caused a lot of hilarity as he told everyone I had set about him with my walking stick!!

    We have a special church weekend happening but am not sure if I am going to be able to go and sit for hours in the various workshops etc but might drop in for one of the sessions later. When do “they” think your church will be finished? Is it far from you? Perhaps we can go and look at it sometime.

    Must go – have to get Hilaria’s Christmas package off today – well – two weeks ago really but I think it will still arrive in Mosambique by December. They give you lots of time. I have been collecting postcards from wherever I have been throughout the year and must look them out and find her some photographs of the babies, kittens etc as well.


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