A Rainy Day

Woke up this morning with a sense of panic. It was obviously going to rain all day and after a long sunny summer I couldn’t imagine what we would do if we had to stay in all day. We couldn’t think of anything to do in Peterborough so we decided we would have to go down to London and do a Museum. Matt researched train times etc. and we began the debate Natural History versus Science Museum. Then we realised that the travelling would take up most of the day and we would only have a few hours in London, so gave up that idea. We will save it for another rainy Saturday when we can leave earlier in the morning.

As it happened, we had a very lovely and peaceful day at home. We both read and had quiet times. Benjamin built a den with Daddy. Isaac had a sleep. I made cookies with Benjamin. It was all very restful and therapeutic.

Joel slept in his cot until 4am this morning!

Our sunflowers have finally flowered. They are only two foot tall, but that is an improvement on last year!

Matt has won bids for a couple of books on ebay. One on Wilberforce for him and a King Arthur story illustrated by Arthur Rackham. We’ve put bids on lots of others too. Someone in the Isle of Wight seems to be selling lots of very lovely books!

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