Yesterday Granny came to visit and we went to the farm. They are having a ‘Home Made’ weekend. We watched potters making pots, wood turners turning wood, violins being made, the mill was in action grinding flour. So lots for the boys to see. We had such a nice time that we decided to go back again today. Matt came with us this time. This time we took a picnic so we could be there the whole day. In addition to seeing all the above again, the boys made bread rolls in the mill bakery, had lots of rides in the tractor trailer, watched a puppet show, saw archery, thatching, a blacksmith, shire horses, stone masons, a whole pig roasting… It was all fascinating, just seeing how skilled people needed to be a few generations back. Even just listening to a description of the making of a cart wheel showed the complexity of such a ‘basic’ thing.

Benjamin made a plaited loaf in the bakery with Matt. Trying to describe it to me afterwards, he said “it was twisty, twisty, twisty and it went over that and that and that”.

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