Yesterday Matt decided we needed to get out so we tried to go to a railway museum near Oakham. It was closed, so we drove into Oakham and spent the afternoon there. It is a very small and very pretty market town which used to have a castle. The great hall is still standing (and restored) so we had a look inside. it was built 1190 and I think is the oldest Norman secular building. The boys climbed the walls, now just grassy hills and then played in the park, sited in the old moat.

On the way home we were passing Rutland Water, so thought we would stop and let the boys throw stones in and have an ice cream. We went into the shop and Benjamin was suddenly sick all over the floor. The shop lady was very understanding and mopped up and Benjamin recovered instantly, shared an ice cream and went off to the lake. ( Matt had made pancakes for breakfast and we lost count of how many Benjamin ate with “maple syruple” and then he didn’t eat much for the rest of the day, so perhaps it was caused by a surfeit of pancakes.

We’ve put a cassette player and some story tapes in Benjamin’s bedroom so on a morning now he lies in bed listening to them instead of coming through to us. Joel is only waking up once, very briefly, so it’s just Isaac we need a plan for now……

Joel has a beautiful black eye after managing the falling-off-the-change mat-onto-the-floor trick while the hairdresser was here on Friday.Oh dear..


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