Planting Tulips

Pleasant but slow start to the morning. Isaac had slept through the night again. He seems to be sleeping through about half the time now, which is good progress. Matt took Benjamin and Isaac down to the garden centre this morning for some retail therapy. They came back with lots of plants and some bulbs. I meanwhile tackled the laundry mountain upstairs. After rest time the boys helped M put in plants and plant tulip bulbs with the planter. It then started raining so we got out a new game that we had bought- a version of lotto with pictures of animals on the boards and a CD that plays the relevant animal sounds. The boys enjoyed it very much. It was quite challenging in places,-it is surprising how similar a guinea pig and some dolphins can sound!! Chicks and mice are easily muddled too (I – Matt – am sure I should have won if we had got one of these right earlier in the game!).

Jay is house-sitting for friends across the road so he came over for tea. We had risotto with one of Granny’s courgettes from the allotment. Then the boys wanted to play the new game again with Jay. As the boys were getting ready for bed Isaac suddenly got very upset. Matt had taken him out of the bathroom and he was very insistent that he wanted to go back into the bathroom. I let him go back. He locked the door behind him, did a wee in the toilet, unlocked the door and came out again. Perhaps I shan’t need to potty train him? He seems to know what to do.

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