Rest Time

Yes, before anyone says anything, I know it should be cygnets not signets (nature isn’t Matt’s strongest subject) but I can’t work out how to correct it. Matt is out at music practice. (Computing isn’t Justine’s strongest subject, I know how to change things after they are written! – M)

Yesterday we spent all day in as the weather was so unpredictable, and Joel has a slight cold and isn’t being quite his usual self. So today I planned we would go to toddler group to get out, but we didn’t because our playhouse was delivered. The owner is a fireman who was the first one in at a fairly major fire next door some 7 or 8 years ago. So he remembered being here well.

What did we do today? The boys did lots of play dough, we made some ice cream, we listened to Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, ( My plan is that we listen to something classical every day but I almost never remember to actually put something on. ) After lunch I was feeling that we were just all too much on top of each other and the weather was still not looking good, so I decided to instate “Rest Time”. Benjie and Isey each went to their own rooms to play for half an hour and Joel and I lay down and “chatted” . It worked beautifully and we all were much better for it.

I also attempted at intervals throughout the day to source a book I want on the internet, but failed. It’s called “home schooling with a meek and quiet spirit” and I SO need it !!! So I shall have to get Matt to sort it out.

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