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D came back from America today bearing gifts. He had asked if we wanted anything while he was out there, so I naturally furnished him with a list. The list mainly contained bits of percussion, plus a pair of jeans for me. I did suggest that Justine might want some jeans or a skirt, but she insisted that it might be difficult to get something that fitted just right…

Got a fantastic LP (Latin Percussion is the manufacturer) Multi-Guiro, which is a shaker that also makes scratchy washboard sounds. It makes a great shaker sound and I’ll have to work out how to use the other sounds it can make. That is the one that is my birthday present. Then there is the Remo Ocean Drum. Remo make the Djembe (large African drum) that I play and generally they have a lot of very innovative things. The Ocean Drum has one clear plastic drum skin and one with a picture fishes on it. The drum is about 2.5 inches deep by 16 diameter and in between the two drum skins are lots of ball bearings. When you move the drum around it makes Ocean sounds. It says ‘If you hold the drum above your head and look at the fishes, then move the drum around, it will feel just like you are under water’. Which is probably true, except you don’t get the unpleasant feeling of lots of water surrounding your head.

He also brought back a Cabasa, which I really am not sure how I will use, but it will be good fun trying. Plus four funky eggs. I’ve had positive reports using my Rainstick at Church, so I wonder what people will think of the Ocean Drum?

Lastly there was an electronic car for the boys. It is the kind that just drives around and turns itself over whenever it hits an obstacle. It is quite noisy with flashing lights, well American really! (Only joking!!)

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