Last night I fell asleep with the feeling that Isaac isn’t really getting enough attention, and just gets a bit lost in the middle of the other two. Also that we too easily get cross with him and that that’s obviously not good for him. So I decided that today I wouldn’t show any frustration at all at him. Then after Happy Faces this morning I decided we would take a parcel down to the Post Office. I don’t know why I decided to do this. Joel was tired and needed to fall asleep and hates being in his pram when he is tired. So I put my tired baby in the pram and took two toddlers around a shop. Joel cried. Isaac touched everything he possibly could. I got cross with him and smacked his hand (lightly) in front of everybody. Then I felt really awful and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling frustrated with them, because I was frustrated with myself.

This definitely needs some working on.

I also started my no tea, coffee or chocolate fortnight today. Which went really well, until D came back from America with some chocolates as a present and M suggested we have coffee with them. Tomorrow is another day…

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