First tooth

Joel cut his first tooth yesterday. He seems very pleased with it – keeps feeling it with his hand – and hasn’t been dribbly or upset at the process.

A fairly quiet week so far. On Monday we somehow managed not to get out at all. Yesterday we cycled around Ferry Meadows and Matt built most of the playhouse. Today we went to Orton library. Although we do have one just down the road it isn’t much bigger than a couple of beach huts and very limited. The selection at Orton is so much better. We came back with more tapes in the lovely Beatrix Potter series I wrote about last week, Paddington , narrated again by Michael Horden, and The Wind in the Willows . I don’t know how he will get on with this but thought I would try it……………… Also books on castles, tractors, and trains, and a few stories.

With a pile of new books Isaac managed to stay in his room for the whole half hour of rest time.

I keep being amazed at just how sociable Benjamin can be when we are out. He talks to anybody – adult or child. He was doing this at the library this morning, just joining in with other families and their conversation.

A note for Granny – you can’t see it on the photo, but at Sunday’s dedications all the boys were in their matching stripey T-shirts that you bought for them. They looked very sweet.

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