The first thing we (M, B and Isey) had to do today was go to town to sort out a mobile phone and pick up a Teddy Robinson book for Benjmain. B suggested that we go and sit somewhere to read it before going home. I said we could read it at home instead. He opened it up and started looking through the pictures. He is such a bookworm,

Came home and we had lunch (didn’t read the book to B yet, but he didn’t ask).

We went out this afternoon to Dogsthorpe fire station (in Peterborough) as they were having an open day. I guess this can be counted as our big educational excursion for the week. There were lots of fire engines for the boys (including me) to have a look in. Isaac was very taken by this as you can see in the photos below. I think he was almost in awe of being there. He wanted to do everything he could do when sitting in the fire-engine cab, but was very good when asked not to do things. Yes that is Isey’s white rabbit you can see in the pictures, he is suddenly very attached to it.

Isaac wearing fireman's helmet Isaac driving

In the fire station we showed them the fireman’s pole and helped them to pretend to slide down the last little bit. We kept pointing out to them the clothes that the firemen wear, as there is a bit in one of their books about ‘fireproof coats and trousers…’. It mentions the helmet and boots too. There was a demonstration of what not to and what to do when a chip pan fire happens. After seeing it, one would not even think of putting water on that kind of fire. Later a demonstration of the ‘on-duty’ firecrew driving in to rescue a ‘damsel’ in distress, and yes the damsel was in a dress, but where he had got it from I don’t know!?

Told B and I about the tools that the fireman used to cut and lift things and the fireman demonstrated them to us. Had an interesting chat to a fireman about their ‘hazardous materials’ unit, so I learned some things too today.

Benjamin in Engine Boys in Engine

Benjamin’s badge says ‘I have seen a fire engine’. Finally we went over to central park and just took it easy over there. This was nice. Came home and sat them in front of Thomas (their Saturday treat). All had tea together. B asked our lodger if he would read the Teddy Robinson story, so he got one chapter there. Then while Justine put Isey to bed, he got some more from me. Then he went up to bed and his biggest teddybear was in there, so he named it Teddy Robinson and cuddled it while he went to sleep. Hopefully we will go and see the Robinsons soon!?

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