Do we need a television?

The last few days have been a bit wobbly. The children have been difficult and I haven’t been patient enough. By the end of yesterday I was wondering whether we needed a television. Having three small children and no TV means there is no respite if things are heading downhill. Had a better day today, so we won’t rush out and buy one quite yet.

Isaac got upset over breakfast. He gets upset so easily. He is definitely the two year-old that Benjamin never was. Anyway, we got out of that one and spent a fairly peaceful morning at home. Isaac decided that he wanted to wear pants, not a nappy, so we had quite a few puddles around during the morning. Benjamin also decided he would join Isey in making puddles. I don’t know why!

Lunch was followed by rest time. Then we went down to Orton Mere. We watched the steam train going through, went and watched the river and the lock- but no boats going through- then threw stones in the lake. All very therapeutic things to do.

Then home, tea and bed.

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