Central Park (again!)

First thing this morning we finished making the banana cakes we began yesterday and had them for breakfast. (It’s a very healthy recipe!) Then packed a picnic etc and off to the park while it was still cool enough and quiet enough. Boys had a lovely time in the sand and paddling pool and I had a nice time catching up with a friend who also has 3 boys. By 11 it was getting hot and busy so we cycled around the park in the shade and then had our picnic and read stories. Joel managed 20 mins sleep. Came home at some point and Benjamin listened to his favourite tape of the moment. It’s Mrs Tiggywinkle, Jeremy Fisher and Pigling Bland narrated by Patricia Routledge and Michael Horden with lovely oboe music. It came from a library sale and is very listenable to. Then rest time, Isaac again reappearing every 5 mins! Joel had another 20 mins sleep. The boys played for the rest of the afternoon, mostly in their tent in the garden and Joel finally managed a reasonable sleep. We read poems while we had our afternoon tea. Isaac loved a nonsense poem by Spike Milligan -Ning Nang Nong, or something like that- and asked for it over and over. I’m thinking of making poems and afternoon tea part of our home school routine.

Benjie is starting to sing a lot. He’ll rarely sing with us, but he listens and then when he’s playing I hear him singing, usually mostly in tune too. He’s gone to bed by himself 3 nights in a row. I keep finding him asleep still sitting up in bed with a book on his knees . Matt is reading “Winnie the Pooh” to him at bedtime at the moment. He’s got a very lovely edition which Granny gave him.

Here is Matt’s favourite poem from their book:

To amuse
on warm summer nights

do wee wees
from spectacular heights.

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