Playhouse so far

Today was Matt’s day off, so he finished putting up the playhouse. It still has plastic sheeting over the roof as it needs some re-felting. Apart from that it is up and running. Benjy and Isey have been playing in it very happily this afternoon.

B and I in the playhouse Afternoon tea in the playhouse.

Towards the end of the day Benjamin decided that he would paint a picture to go on the door of the playhouse, but Justine managed to convince him to paint one for the inside instead. Isaac joined in and I left them to it for a moment, while I did some laundry. What is it that prompts a two year-old to paint his baby brother when he has run out of paper?

Joel in Red

We listened to an interesting programme on Radio 4 this evening. They were looking at how they teach reading in Finland, where they have 100% literacy levels. There, they don’t start to teach children to read or write until they start school at seven, and they don’t test children. This very much tied in with the research done by Dorothy and Raymond Moore, which we have looked at. They have looked at the the problems caused by pushing children to read before they are developmentally ready. Charlotte Mason also did not advocate teaching children reading or writing before they were six. The approach we are planning to take is similar to this. We will be reading a lot to our children and exposing them to letters of the alphabet etc. If they are interested and start to learn, then that is fine, but we won’t start formally trying to teach them until they are six. Benjamin knows probably about half of the alphabet so far and is very interested in letters, but hasn’t shown any particular interest in whole words yet. I will try and put in some links to this research soon.

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  1. I think what prompted Isey to paint his lil brother was his creative ability to see beyond the realms of reason, a good quality for a budding artist! Then again it could be his age. Anyway, I think red suits Joel:)

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