A lovely party

This morning Matt began again with the concrete slabs for the playhouse base, having spurned my offer of help with carrying them. He promptly hurt his back and has spent the rest of the day moving around very cautiously.

Today the church building site was open so Matt took the boys along. I stayed at home as Joel had just fallen asleep and I needed to try and find our bedroom floor again. Felt much better for a general clear up. Also put in an Amazon order for books for the boys, but couldn’t find quite a lot of what I wanted.

We had a quiet afternoon reading, playing railways, playing piano, and watching some Thomas DVD. Then off to a party at Whittlesey at the home of some friends from church who are also home educating. We had a lovely time. Benjie and Isaac had their faces painted and as the evening went on 4 piano accordians appeared, which created a lovely atmosphere. Apart from a chewy bar and a few raisins I had somehow forgotten about lunch today, and I’ve never seen Benjamin eat with as much enthusiasm as he did this evening!

Isaac as a Tiger Tiger again
Benjamin as a dog

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