Hot weather fore-casted so decided a walk in a shady wood would be best. We went back to Longueville woods. Last time we were there the pond was full of frogs and frog spawn, but no sign of them today. The boys had a nice time throwing pine cones in, fishing with sticks, etc.

However Joel is not liking being in his pram if he is awake, so had to carry him in the sling, which is OK, but a bit hot in this weather. We brought back an oak twig for identification in our book, but couldn’t tell if it was English of sessile – the acorns would have given it away, but we hadn’t brought those back with us.

The boys had rest time after lunch. B loves this, but Isey comes out of his room every few minutes to find someone to play with. Which is funny, because I had thought it would be the other way around. Tried (again) to make banana cakes with the boys, but Joel woke up every time we started, so gave up.

Endless questions from Benjamin all through the day, especially about thatched roofs. We had been watching a thatcher working on a house near the woods. So generally a very good day, but I was a bit frazzled towards the end of it because Joel had been awake most of the day. He seems to have gone off day time sleeps.

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