This morning as we were leaving for Church…

Benjamin: “Why are you shutting the windows Mummy?”
Mummy: “Well, we have to make sure that nobody can climb into the house while we are out.”
B: “But they could come in and play with our toys, and when we come back we could play with them until it was time for them to go back to their own house.”

I think he is still struggling to get the idea about ‘baddies’. And then another conversation this evening. The police helicopter had been hovering overhead for a long time so we went out to watch it. B wanted to know what it was doing so I tried to explain…

Mummy: “If some people had taken a car which wasn’t theirs, then the police helicopter would go up and look for it.”
Benjamin: “Why would the take a car that wasn’t theirs?”
M: “They shouldn’t do it, that would be stealing, but some people do it anyway.”
B: “But why would they want it?”
M: (struggling) “Well they just would.”
B: “But why would they just would?”


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