The world is not always a friendly place…

We spent the morning pacing around a damp garden with tape measure in hand trying to work out exactly where this playhouse is going to go. It will take up about a third of our lawn area, the swings take up another third and the climbing frame the remaining third. So they all need to be fitted around each other.

Then lunch, a very quick rest time, and off to Activity World with Muddle Puddle. Usually we have it to ourselves, but today for some reason it was very busy and very noisy. Mostly the children enjoyed it, but Benjamin got very upset when two girls wouldn’t let him play in the castle. He didn’t want to tell me at first although I could see that he was upset. When he did tell me he was trying very hard not to cry. I felt very upset for him – I don’t think he has had to deal with this before. I played with him for a while after that in the castle and for the rest of the day he has asked non-stop questions about castles. So this has required explanations about enemies – another new topic. Our little boy is starting to realise the world isn’t always a friendly place.

We came home and the boys helped Matt set the new Church drum kit up in the cellar. We assembled for tea to discover that Isey was missing. He had somehow got left down in the cellar in the dark (there is some light that comes in through a window), but seemed quite unperturbed!

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