Not sure what we have been doing over the last few days. Thursday I think was a ‘getting things done’ day. I think we made a list and hung up a noticeboard. We received our first Tesco-direct delivery. Very impressed, will do this again.

Friday Matt started making some wood-block houses to go with the wooden railway with the boys. They liked sawing, but not sanding, so they remain unfinished. Instead M made a curry with them, which B ate in huge quantities.

Saturday was the last colourstrings lesson for this term. Also the last lesson with our teacher Bridgid, who is moving to Derbyshire. This is very sad as we all liked her and her family so much. Afterwards we went to see our new playhouse and arrange for it be deliveered. Then in the afternoon Matt started to build my computer. Then we put together a desk downstairs in the playroom and set it all up. So now I have somewhere to organise our life from.

This afternoon we went to an independence day party at a friends house. The children had a lovely time playing. I had a lovely time talking babies with other mothers.

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