No coal for my fire

Its being hard to find time to write this, Tuesday evening was spent with David, Wednesday I went to cell, Thursday Matt went to music practice (and I don’t know how to operate this without him yet – let alone type at more than 2 w.p.m.) and now it is Friday evening.

Yesterday I discovered my friend Tammy’s blog. She is home-schooling her son Sam, who is half a year older than Benjamin. On reading it I discovered all the amazing things they do with Sam and decided I couldn’t possibly do this and should I enroll B in school straight away? Woke up this morning still feeling very incapable of doing all this, so a bit of a stroppy start to the morning.

Decided I must get to Central Library more often for some better reading material for the children. Although we go to our local library (just down the road) every week, it is very limited, also that I must find some planning time.

This morning Matt took my car for new tyres, while I tackled the laundry mountain. Then this afternoon we went to the Muddle-Puddle meeting. We were ‘doing’ native Americans. I don’t think B or Ise really picked up on the theme. They had a nice time anyway and made nice bead things. Then over the road for Central Park and a play in the sandpit. Came home for a Bar-B-Q, which we cooked under the grill as we couldn’t find the coal, much to Benjamin’s disappointment.

Joel has discovered his hands this week, so he spent most of the week holding them together and watching them. He still continues to be very easy-going and smiles and chats lots (we’ve not quite worked out where he gets this from). I think he is only waking up once a night now.

Click the pictures below for a bigger view. Benjamin being a train driver and B and Ise playing ‘Jack in a box’ in the shoe box.
Train driver B Playing Jack in a box in the shoe box

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