Busy Sunday

Once a month I (Matt) play percussion at Church. So this means going for all three services and playing at each one. It is good fun, but makes for a long day. After the second service (two in the morning and one in the evening) we went to Thorpe Hall. There was an exhibition at the little trains and we were doing our usual Sunday trip to the trains anyway. B and Isy enjoyed a few rides on the trains. There was a model exhibition in the house. I thought we would go and have a look, but that the boys would just go round it quickly having a look at each bit, then come out. However B was totally taken by it and went from train to train looking at each one. Isy was very good and clearly enjoyed looking at the models, he even managed to not touch everything he saw.

Later we came out and the boys wanted to take Justine around the expedition! We went around again and B said “Mummy I haven’t shown you this one yet”. They loved looking at a small model train that went around a tiny track. It was hard to pull Benjamin away

When we got home B wanted to make a long white engine. He must have got the idea from a part finished engine he had seen. So the next day that was the first thing he wanted to do. So we started to make a ‘pretend model train’. They’ve got their gloves on to drive the steam train and apparently they needed their wellies on too.

At Exhibition In front of Gladys We made a model train Click the pictures to view full size.

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