After My Birthday

Had a lovely birthday (Matt). We had profiteroles, I should have taken a picture of them, but the image below is a pale shadow of what they were like and cannot get across the taste of the chocolate sauce made with Green & Blacks chocolate

Got much needed T-Shirt and socks from the boys and Justine, plus a Shakesspeare DVD to watch. I’m getting some percussion bits as well. On that note, have just come back from music practice. Am enjoying the practices and playing on Sundays. However sometimes it is a little difficult to know what to play, as I haven’t seen that many people playing percussion in a band. So how do I know which thing to pick up in each song? I guess I just try and listen to see what can be added. I need to learn to play the tambourine well, it is not easy, and I don’t want to play it badly! However still playing my Djembe and really enjoying that, it is such an easy drum to play.

Oh, I forgot to mention the risotto was nice before the profiteroles too! We ate the meal outside under the walnut tree (it must be about 80 years old and very big). We had a bottle of sparkling wine with the meal and when I opened it I was a bit surprised by the cork poppoing out early. Thankfully I had the bottle pointing straight up. The cork disappeared up into the walnut tree and a few seconds later dropped down onto the table. It was up for just long enough to think ‘I wonder where that has gone, its not coming down’. The boys, especially B, were very amused by this.

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