Colourstrings and the park

The day started off quite early (6am) for me (Matt), so I spent a couple of hours playing trains with the boys and being grumpy with them because of not coping with getting up early. I realised that I was being grumpy, but struggled to do anything about it. I got the opportunity to go back to bed and woke up feeling better. Suddenly the day had been rescued.

We went to Colourstrings Music Kindergarten, which is our usual activity for Satuday mornings. First is the class for Benjamin’s age group, then the one for Isaac. They both consist of singing songs either with actions or various pieces of percussion and some ‘dancing’ around the room. They are run by Bridgid, who is the loveliest music teacher possible, but she is moving at the end of this term, so we are not sure what will happen to the classes. The songs and activities are aimed at introducing children to music and continue in later age groups to a knowledge of music theory and the learning of an instrument.

Benjamin sometimes joins in quite a lot with this, but today was a bit reluctant, choosing to play his claves and castenets etc. quite quietly while looking at me with what he calls his ‘fish face’. At one point there is always an activity where the children choose a bear from the basket and the children cuddle and rock them, then Bridgid sings a lullaby. Benjamin has got into closing his own eyes and pretending to fall asleep. He really loves this bit and cuddles himself up on my lap for it. Isaac went for it and really enjoyed his class.

We headed over to the park with children’s bikes, buckets and spades. Benjamin only wanted to play in the sand. I only wanted a Hot Chocolate and something sweet from the cafe in the middle of the park (which I highly recommend). So we did both. The Hot Chocolates helped to keep out the breeze, which was a bit chilly and the boys played in the sand. Then we let the boys have their chocolate teddy biscuits (not that we would usually do this kind of thing of course!). Isaac concentrated very hard on his and it took quite some time for him to eat it. Benjamin’s was gone in no time and he took me back into the sandpit to play. I had a lovely time first just with B, then with I too.

Home for lunch. I had another sleep and finally took them over to the model steam railway for about an hour. They didn’t want to leave until all the engines had been put away. We only had a chance for one ride, but after this Isaac saw a train that looked like Duck, so he was watching that carefully.
Benjamin in the Sand (Fish Face) M, B and I
Bikes Britannia (Little Train)
Other pictures from today are, Benjamin and bucket, B in sand, Isaac after cake, Justine and Joel.

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