Happy Faces this morning, but as it doesn’t start till 11:15, we had quite a while at home first. Isaac was sent to the stairs quite a few times this morning and at one stage I even smacked his hand even though we had decided not to do this. He just doesn’t like to do what he is asked to do and seems reluctant to learn! He gets so wrapped up in what he is doing and it is a struggle to get his attention. But when we tried out smacking a few months back, we felt that he was making less eye contact with us and not relating so closely, so we decided it wasnt going to be a productive method with him.

Then off to Happy Faces, home for lunch, and then off to Ferry Meadows with the boys on bicycles to avoid a repeat of the mornings frustrations. All had a nice time there, and Joel stayed asleep all through it, and during tea and getting them ready for bed!

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